OPUS VA3 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine


Bionet  veterinary anesthesia machine + ventilator

Experience our unique technologies for patient’s safety

  • Patented dual canister system
  • Temperature compensated vaporizer
  • Pneumatic ventilator with auto APL valve operation mode
  • Auto ratio maintenance system for anesthesia agent
  • Auto alarm whistle for O2 level ( without electricity )

Our technology assures safe and accurate anesthesia procedure for your life-time companion

Accurate pneumatic ventilator

  • Accurate respiratory lung volume compensation system for patient’s lung protection
  • Convenient “Stand-by” mode for peak monitoring & alarm/ventilator setting

Patented dual canister system for effective operation

  • Maximize soda-lime consumption
  • Anti vaporization soda-lime with independent CO2 circulation
  • APL valve with auto shut-off system at ventilator activation

VAPO3 effective & accurate vaporizer

  • Maintain regular level of anesthesia agent
  • Temperature compensation system with auto ratio level back-up mode
  • Bypass mode to avoid overpressure in a closed container
  • Color coded unit with easy recognition
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