CardioCare 2000

Simple & fast 12CH aquisition for easy to use resting ECG interpretation

Bionet user friendly ECG systems allow caregivers to diagnose, interpretate and manage ECG data promptly to BMS Plus, PC based data management system.


Simple Fast acquisition
  • Cardio Care2000 offers simple & fast interface for immediate data acquisition with last ECG data memory.
Enhanced sampling rate for data accuracy
  • Cardio Care2000 supports 8,000Hz per second for 12CH ECG data accuracy with advanced filtering algorithm.
Patient data management in mind
  • All patient data is transferrable to BMS Plus, PC based data management SW with real time remote operation.
BMS plus offers caregivers the workflow flexibility for
  • Data preview
  • Device remote control
  • File conversion to JPG, XML, DICOM, PDF, MFER for data transfer thru PACS
  • Direct print-out, magnifying ECG trace, measure ECG complex, adding comments, ECG trace comparison

12CH Interpretative ECG with a touch of succinct report Simple, intuitive yet accurate

  • One button “AUTO” operation from acquisition to data storage, print-out & data transfer in 3 sec’
  • Last acquisition data AUTO save mode : 10 sec’, 60sec’
  • Convenient A4 print-out for 12CH ECG with a single page report
  • 8,000 sampling rate per second

User-friendly interface & diagnosis

  • Quick guide indication at printer cover for easy operation recognition
  • Thermal A4 paper compatible with grid printing mode
  • 120 types of interpretation algorithm integrated
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 3hr operation / 200 pages printout

Network & Data management

  • BMS PLUS ( Bionet ECG SW ) connection to PC thru LAN for data transfer to HIS ( PACS/EMR ) with various file format conversion JPEG, BMP, XML, PDF
  • Wired, wireless connectivity with easy DHCP interface

Bionet Cardio Series with New Logo

Bionet CardioCare 2000 Basic Operation

CardioCare 2000 Video Manual

How to use Bionet BMS Plus

How to connect BMS Plus to Bionet ECG Machine

How to install Bionet BMS Plus

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