Fetal Monitors

Bionet fetal monitor’s CTG and NST will make sure the best condition for the babies together with mothers’ healthier life for our next generation

Experience the benefits of Bionet fetal monitoring systems for families’ happier, healthier life

Accuracy makes you feel safe & sound

  • Standard CTG, NST, UC with detail final report review and print-out.
  • Easy CTG data conversion to JPG
  • Auto TOCO zeroing, Auto fetal movement detection

Enhanced patient data management

  • Patient ID entry with Barcode reader
  • Additional clinical note supports up to 100 clinical annotations
  • FC Central ( central monitoring ) connectivity with client viewer

Easy traceable patient data & capacity

  • 480hr ( FetalXP), 72hr ( FC1400 ) with alarm history
  • Easy scroll review with touch screen
  • Easy data transfer to USB memory
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